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//Service Closure Notice

The Conflict is coming to an end at OGP
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//3x GP Boost EXD

Achieve 3x GP until March 23 when playing Extreme Domination!
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//Extreme Domination

Battle for zone supremacy with Metro Conflict's newest game mode - Extreme Domination! Along with a new game mode includes a major game change of the removal of timed items, and the introduction of a repair system. Click for full details.
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//Upcoming Game Changes

Major content changes are coming soon to Metro Conflict!
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//Camp Howze

Camp Howze introduces a new map to the TSV rotation. Click for more details.
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//Glock The Halls Event

Login on Dec.26 between 09:00-15:00 PST and play for at least 1-hour to receive a permanent Glock CFRP!



    Choose between 8 different classes to gun your opponents down, in a fast paced environment


    Replace your closet with a variety of weapon sets to customize your character's appearance - there's no room for your clothes!


    Keep your head up and your crosshair locked, as the pace doesn't slow down; not even for a second.


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